SL8082T +ICF out of bounds and unresponsive +IPR


I am having issues with a L8082T device (Maestro M100 3G), the at+ipr command responds as it should (shows the current rate, shows all available rates and when asked to change it, replies with the OK"), but does not actually change the serial baud rate.

When I checked at&v0 i get +ICF:7,5 (max values are 6 and 4) - it also does not change when I attempt to set it to a different value.


Why can I not change these values? Other than changing these values, they respond as expected. other functions also work. The strangest thing is why is the ICF in RAM different than in EEPROM? The Maestro Configuration Software also fails at changing these values (they stay as they were after the reboot).


The process can’t be done over USB.