SL80802t and a 8 wire UART

What is the status for 8 wire UART.

At the AirPrime_SL808xT_SL808xBT_and_SL808xBTA_Product_Technical_Specification_and_Customer_Design_Guidelines_Rev3_2.pdf could I read follow.

For the list of AT commands needed to configure the UART, refer to sections 6 Global Configuration
Commands and 8 Serial Port Commands of document [2] AT Commands Interface Guide for
Firmware 7.52/7.53.

In the “AT Commands Interface Guide for Firmware 7.52 - Rev6.0.pdf” I could not find any infomation about the 8-wire UART.

I have also gone through the PTS and yes, it looks like SL8082T supports 8-wire UART. May be in the latest FW versions…
Will check internally and will update to you. Meanwhile you can have a look at the latest FW release notes…….


I look forward to hear from you. I should use 8-wire Uart in a sleep Routine (w32k=1). Therefore it will be important to use the DTR.


8-wire UART is supported on Firmware 7.53 (still under development in SWIR). It is not available on 7.52.
AT Cmd manual for 7.53 has AT+WHCNF=8 AT command to activate/deactivate 8-wire UART.

Thanks for the answer.

When will the firmware 7.53 coming?


As far as I know, it should be available by end Q1 2015.

When will the Firmware 7.53 comes. Now we are in start of Q2 2015.