SL6087 PCB footprint

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is it available or did anyone created the SL6087 library component for EAGLE PCB design tool?
I need both the schematic symbol and the footprint for the layout.

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i made it and i up in cadsoft library.

pk5 (connector)
q2687 (module)
SIM holder
baterry holder
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Hi All,

I’m creating the SL6087 footprint in Altium - no problems there, but can anyone tell me what the 30 round “pads” on the inside of the large square pads (79-98) are? Are they test points during manufacturing at Sierra and should these correspond with keep-out areas on the PCB layout?

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Have a look at the SL Series Customer Process Guidelines, that has information on the PCB design requirements.

[attachment=0]SL Footprint.png[/attachment]

Thanks tomridl!

I am using Orcad 16.0 were can i get the SL6087 Foot print ? pls advise …

pls anyone let me know how to get ready made foot print for SL6087.