Creating PCB Footprint for HL7648


I have looked through the product technical specs for the HL7648 when trying to make the PCB footprint in Altium, and although I have found information for pad size, I have not seen any dimensions that show where the pads are actually located in the package. There is a chance I am misreading some of the dimensions or missing something in the document, but I thought I would ask in case there is information I need that is not listed in the PTS.

Attached is a photoa showing all of the information provided in the PTS on the connection interface.

As a new user, I can only upload one photo in a topic, the other pictures I would have uploaded would be pages 33 and 34 of the PTS for reference.

Thank you,

I was looking at a version of the PTS that did not include the page I needed (I downloaded the PTS from Digi-Key, but the actual full PTS has the information I need).

Hi Kyle,

Pleaser refer to the HL7648 - Product Technical Specification Version 10.0.
You can download from our source: