Skylight Profile Manager


I have the issue that if we create a new profile as standard profile always after reboot the provider profile will started instead of the user defined profile.
If we delete all profiles which are included within Skylight and only the customized profile will left after reboot a new profile will created automatically.
We tried to prevent this by changing the registry settings to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sierra Wireless Inc\Profile Manager
AutoCreate = 0

But this did not help. We need a standard profile for the company and no second profile has to be created.
If it is possible we like to forbid that the User can create a second profile, too.

Any thought which can help us?

Kind regards,

I am also experiencing this autocreate provider profile on EM7355 with W7x63 drivers:6.19.4382.0002 (B4382) and Skylight build 6.0.4378.7805 (B4378).

I see a new build of Skylight is available (Build 4814) but cannot find firmware for EM73xx, only the EM74xx

Any suggestions apart from trying new Skylight?