SiWi App Market Store

I do not know, if Sierra Wireless already considered some kind of App Market Store for its programmable devices.

Principles of such distribution platform are well known, I’ll just add that as a freelance developer, I have a pool of proven applications, but my market is small…

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Hi Drago,

My best answer is: if many developers like you ask for it, we may work on it as part of the developer program. In other words, it is early at this stage to provide a complete app store, as we don’t know yet how many people would provide apps, and how many people would buy them.

May I ask you what type of application do you have? Is it actually apps or libraries?

My suggestion would be: we should try first to advertise your apps on the dev website, with links from the forum, and from the LinkedIn Open AT page (I assume it is Open AT apps), and see if it is of interest for other developers. Then, people will be able to join you and deal with you directly in a first step.

How does it sound?

BTW, I’m not sure why the “Forum-related” forum was locked. It is unlocked now.



As a first step, I think it would be good to have some sort of “register” of developers, where each “developer” - whether an individual or an organisation - could list their products, services, skills, experience, etc.

Many semiconductor companies have such lists or “partner” programmes; eg: … ltants.jsp

Some are just unverified listings; other require some “approval” from the “host” company

Here are some example “partner” listings: … cfm?ID=213 … onics-ltd/ … jsp#United Kingdom


Hi Andy,

Thanks for this. We are actually working on a dev program partners page (called Ecosystem). Stay tuned :wink: