Developer Studio Wishes

Bug Support
Developer Studio needs to have a “Bugzilla” type tracking system for bugs, patches and QA. It seems that this forum is the only place to discuss software (IDE) related questions (and failures). If Developer Studio is going to be the only IDE supported by Sierra Wireless (or “SiWi” as awneil suggested) for Open AT and especially since “SiWi” is the developer, it would only seem appropriate they have a bug submission platform (as oppossed to a community forum for everything related to SiWi). It would be nice to be able to submit a bug and then be able to track it and see the status of that particular bug or even a feature request. If something like this is already in place, please point me in the right direction.

IDE Support
I also think Developer Studio needs to have a dedicated website for just the IDE and the Open AT platform with docs (and by docs, I mean better organized and formulated documentation), user submitted IDE tutorials (youtube), user submitted code tutorials and walk-throughs, etc.

Obviously, this is my opinion, but I think better support for a IDE platform that was specifically created to make it easier for developers would be much more appealing to someone who is new to Wavec… SiWi. Of course, I am not exactly sure what the user base is, but it would seem to me that a fantastic, easy-to-use IDE for a well documented OS with a good user community with a lot of knowledge and great visual tutorials would pull in quite a few new developers in the M2M community. We are currently transitioning to the Q2687, by the way.

my 2cents,

I second the idea of having a “Bugzilla” type feedback system for Developer Studio. The forum is not really the place to report bugs, and reporting bugs to Eclipse may not be suitable in some cases.