Simulate receiving SMS


I warn you before reading, that I’m beginner!

I was looking for any way, how I can prepare core of my application without having physical device connected to my laptop. I found topic in this forum from 2010, where one person asked similar question and the answer was “No, there is not any software simulator of devices”. But today we have beginning of 2013 and I want to ask the same question again. “Is there any way, how I can write and debug (with certain limitations - of course, my application e.g. for GL6100 when I sitting in the train or on the airport?

And if the answer is “NO”, then I want to ask you, whether there is any way, how to simulate receiving SMS, when I have connected some device (like GL6100) to my laptop, but without the need of physical sending it over GSM?

Thanks a lot

For the first question, there is still no simulator available and I doubt it will ever be.

The second question depends on if you want to use and debug in OpenAT environment.
For myself, I usually develop higher level functionality in plain ANSI C under Windows (MingGW),
which provides a better debug support. Afterwards the source can be compiled under OpenAT.
I don’t use RTE in Developer Studio (perhaps an option to you).

My experience shows, that mostly the OpenAT interface and the “live” working in GSM environment are
the source for problems.

Gregor Bader