SIM Registration- Signal Strength Problem


Module :: Q2686G.
The firmware version is :: R74_00gg.Q2686G
Application OS :: 06.21
Boot loader version :: V08b0e

               I am getting  a good signal strength value[15-20] for AT+CSQ command, but the atd<phone number> is not making the calls.
              When I checked the SIM registration value using AT+CREG? command, I got "2,2", which tells the SIM card is not registered with network.

               Then how the signal strength is coming as such a good value range[15-20] ?

thank you,

Sounds like your module is in Emergency Calls Only mode (+WIND: 7) - in that case, the CSQ result relates to the network providing the Emergency service.

What does AT+COPS? tell you?

Now its working normally. As soon as I face this issue, I will check with “AT+COPS” and will inform you.

thank you awneil 8)

Hi aezakmi,

May I ask, which user-location are you experiencing the issue you mention? USA? Or EU? Or Aussie? or…?

I am experiencing similar issues, and only have empirical data (works for siemens MC56) but not for Wavecom under same factors. (See my other thread - [url]])

Not sure if its a related issue. Though I mention.

In India [south]. thanks for the link.