SIM-based switching with 'impref="AUTO-SIM", advantages & disadvantages


I see that the WP7610 modem comes with three firmware images:

FW   1    GOOD   8   0 0      ?_?
FW   2    GOOD   3   0 4      002.107_000
FW   3    GOOD   7   0 0      ?_?
Max FW images: 3
Active FW image is at slot 1

PRI  FF   GOOD   0   0 0      002.071_006
PRI  FF   GOOD   0   0 0      002.068_002
PRI  FF   GOOD   0   0 0      002.107_000
Max PRI images: 50


There is also the possibility to use SIM-based switching with the following AT command:

Since our device will be used across the North-American continent, I would like explore the possibilities of this. Our devices do not travel the continent continuously, but usually stay in one place. So, it is possible to choose a proper firmware image once the device is there. But the installation and commissioning is often done outside the Amrican continent (Europe). And knowledge about firmware switching is practically nill throughout our company. It’s just me so to speak…

The question therefore is; what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this?

Thanks in advance.

Will you change SIM card?
If no, there is no need to use auto-sim

No… we have a single SIM card provider, whichi is a global virtual mobile operator called ‘EMnify’.
We use the same SIM card anywhere in the world. This allows us to have basically two systems (US and a non-US) with one SIM card and one setup.
So, these devices are shipped with the SIM card installed, and I have no idea where exactly they’re going, that is, which part of the North-American continent (it may be Alaska, Canada, or just The States). That implies that I also don’t know before hand which operator they may connect to. And, as far as I currently know, Verizon is not in Canada.

Perhaps the question boils down to; can I use SIM-based switching to switch to the firmware image depending on to which operator the device wants to connect to?
Or is that completely independant of the ‘connecting’ operator and solely on the use SIM card…?

i think this is based on the SIM card

Ok… Thanks for your help.