Signal threshold


I can not find any information for the Q24Pl an Q2687 modules for the sensitivity reception level ( Signal / noise in dbm) ?

The minimum signal needed in GPRS reception ?

What happens when the signal fluctuates, will the module automaticly change and connect to the best pylon or not ?
Will the module return to the original pylon when the signal become strong enough ??
Will the module detach if the signal is not strong enough and it will not search for other pylon ???

Thank you for any informations,

I found this for the Signal level: … Q24_Series

but I can not find what happens when the signal fluctuates.

if anyone can help…


Yes: that is the whole point of cellular networks - and is fundamental to the operation of GSM!

The process of switching between cells is called “handover”

(note that it is more accurate to refer to “cells” rather than “pylons” or “towers”, etc)

Yes - any GSM device must do this.

The algorithms for deciding which is the “best” cell are complex - you could read through the GSM specs if you really wanted to, but it’s probably best to assume that it just “works”!

The unit will always be looking for the “best” (see above) signal, and will always be attempting to re-register if it loses service - unless you specifically disable it with AT+CREG

I did asume that a GSM phone should do this but thank you Awneil for the confirmations.