MC77XX - automatic return to LTE

While testing MC7710 we’ve noticed, that if during transmission the modem fallbacks to 3G, it won’t return to 4G (if possible) unless traffic on the modems is suspended for 10 seconds.
Is anyone familiar with such a behavior and can please give a reference to the LTE reconnect algorithm? Can that time be configured?


I guess your observation is, if module works in 3G mode during data transfer ongoing, it won’t handover to LTE mode before data transfer complete even signal is good. But if module works in LTE mode already, data connection is fine in LTE mode.

If that’s the case, I believe it is expected and we can find below line mentioned in PTS:

Kindly check the PTS for details.

I understand that is working as espected. Is it possible to change this behaviour to drop the connection even if data is not in idle.

If it’s not possible, how can I understand the LTE signal strenght while in 3G/2G?

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