MC7304 4G dropout only reconnecting as 3G


I’m using the MC7304 as a direct connection to the internet using a 4G Vodafone UK SIM.
I get a reasonably good 4G connection but when the signal drops out and comes back it seems to stay as a 3G signal and never get any better.

I found that I have to disconnect the modem and reconnect it to get the 4G signal again.

This happens on both Linux and Windows as well.

Has anyone else seen this issue before?

Thanks in advanced Jake

  1. Which one FW you are used? (at!priid? and at+cgmr)
  2. Do you have start data connection? If yes, please stop it , and test it agein.
    If the data still transfer, the module seems not back to 4G.


PRI Part Number: 9904567
Revision: 05.00

Carrier PRI: 9999999_9902674_SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00_00_GENEU-4G_005.026_000


SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00 r27038 carmd-fwbuild1 2015/03/04 21:30:23

This occurs both when I have an active connection dialled through the modem and also when not connected to the ISP.

Any solution? Got the same problem.