Sierra wireless 5808e & Dell Venue with Android. Need help

Hi everyone.
I like helping people much more than asking to help me :frowning:
But unfortunately I’m not a programmer/developer etc. that’s why I have some problem, and search for some kind of instruction…
Recently I purchased some pretty cool Dell Venue 11 pro tablet and upgraded it with SW 5808e module, which wasn’t present on its board. My aim was using the tablet as GPS navigator.
But, the best navi soft for me runs only under Android… So I ported Android-x86 and had my tablet dual booted now. However, making GPS work under Android is too complicated task for me so far. I installed YouAreHere GPS for Android, and downloaded RIL soft from SW source here. But I don’t know how to implement it all to OS…
Could someone tell me something useful? It would be just great.