Should GPIO Handler be called immediately after Subscribing?

Immediately after a successful adl_ioSubscribe, my Fastrack M1306B calls the Handler.

Is this expected behaviour?
In true Wavecom fashion, it isn’t mentioned in the ADL User Guide. :unamused:

It is actually desirable behaviour as far as my application is concerned :slight_smile: - I just want to be sure that it can be relied upon…

Open-AT v3.03
Hardware Version 4.52
Software: 651a09gg.Q2406B 1480856 113005 09:42

Hi !!

In the GPIO, adl_ioSubscribe function,
there is a polling time Parameter, if that parameter is zero, then it goes to that Handler at that instant, otherwise after the polling time is complete, it goes to that Handler.
i.e, it depends on the polling time which you specify in theadl_ioSubscribe function

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Not according to the ADL User Guide for v3.03!

The ADL User Guide for v3.03 says that the Handler must be NULL if there is no polling; ie there is no handler if there is no polling - the handler is for polled inputs only.

Are you reading a different revision of the Guide? Has it changed?

The ADL User Guide for v3.03 says that it only goes to the handler when a polled input changes.
So the handler should never be called if the polled input never changes.

But my handler is called immediately after the successful subscribe irrespective of the input state and irrespective of whether it’s changed.

As I said, this behaviour does make sense for my Application; it’s just that it isn’t clearly specified - :unamused: - so I just want it confirmed.