Shall GLONASS be available?

Shall GLONASS support be available on Q52 or other GPS-enabled modules? AFAIK, RF part is very similar to GPS, so it would be nice to have two variants of satellite navigation. The only thing needed would be special firmware.


My guess is that it will not be available anytime soon as C-GPS option. I think there is a chance that in a few years time the Galileo support will be available with eride because of the similiraties between the GPS and Galileo. ( supposing the Galileo projects won’t be delayed again )

But Galileo scheduled for start operating at 2013, and while it’s still unavailable Wavecom would benefit from existing GLONASS service :slight_smile:

Sorry, i was a little down-do-date how Galileo is progressing. ( It should be almost operational by now… ) However, i still think that the GPS/Galileo concept will be the dominant in the near feature. It is because that the Galileo is primarily designed for the assistance for the GPS ( At least for the L1 freq i think ) and because of political reasons. Please note that the Galileo musn’t be fully operational to assist the GPS. So my guess is in 2 years time ( if the EU won’t argue more about the Galileo), you can experience major improvments from GPS/Galileo dual receivers especially in urban environment.