Setup connection to connect FTP server

Hi, we are making product that can download files from the FTP server.
I follow these steps in the “21.7. How to Use FTP Specific Commands” of the document “AT Command Interface Guide AirePrime HL6 and HL8 Series”, I has success download file with these steps.
My problem when setting connection (AT+KCNXCFG=1,“GPRS”,“APN”,“log”,“password”), it require APN, log and password. My customers using very different operators and not in a country. So is there any configuration that not using GPRS (3G example) that pass setup connection without require APN, log, password.
Thank you very much!

even for 3G network, I think you can still the “GPRS” for the 2nd parameter.

That means we must know that APN, log and password when setup connection for every operator?

I think so, otherwise how can you connect data channel to network?

Thank you. Because my android phone can go net work just one click for each operator without any setup, so I think my module can do too.