How to setup ip connection?

Hi everyone,

I have a task to use SL808X module and Open At developer studio, to connect to an APN, get the ip connection, send some data to a PC in a cooperate LAN.

How do I get started?

My questions can be following:

  1. AT command to use to set up GPRS?
  2. At Linux, PPPD is using following commands to set up connection: pppd noipdefault call [chatscript] user [xxx] password [xxx],
    how do I do it in Open AT?
    chatscript is like following:


Welcome to the developer forum.

You mentioned that:

I assume you mean a server on the internet, correct?

Also, I am not too sure your use case, whether the host will send AT command or you are going to develop your own OpenAT application?

Depends your use case and protocol required, if you use tcp client, below examples are good start covering both setup IP connection and send/receive data with server.
AT command:
Please refer to WIPAT user guide 9.1.2

For OpenAT:
Please try samples available in Internet plugin, e.g. tcp_client, in Developer Studio
Also available at:

Hope it helps.

Corporate :question:

Thanks for expert advice.

I am now able to connect to GPRS network by using wip apis.

I plan to set up serial port, listen to it, if there is data, will be sent through TCP client ->GPRS -> TCP server.
The problem is, there are different serial devices with different baud rate, I want to change baud rate from far end.

What’s the best way to achieve this?