Setting up EM7430 internet connection on Linux

I’m trying to enable internet connectivity using an EM7430 connected to an LTE eNodeB. Testing on a Raspberry Pi, the EM7430 gives an eth1 and eth2 interface as well as /dev/qcqmi0 and /dev/qcqmi1. Which combination of these should be used to set up an active internet connection? Neither of the eth1 or eth2 interfaces have an IP address.

I’m a little confused on all the drivers and interfaces (GobiNet, GobiSerial, ppp, cdc_ether, option, usb_wwan, qmi_wwan, etc).

What is the process for connecting to the internet given a Linux installation and EM7430? If possible, I would like this to be scripted instead of using Modem Manager.


Check the attached out, it was written for the MC73 but the principles and commands remain the same.

1aec569af75a1ab07c66bf85086071fc482f614b.docx (347.1 KB)



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