Network interface for qcqmi

Hello, I have MC7304 connected to computer with Debian 8. I installed GobiNet and GobiSerial drivers v. S2.26N2.38 according to Linux QMI SDK Developers Guide and set up connection via Connection Mannager from Sample apps of SLQS04.00.02. Device qcqmi0 and qcqmi1 showed up as the guide describes, however I do not know how to bring up network interface for this. Is it done via the qmi-cli for wwan driver or how please?


If you have the qcqmi interfaces showing in your system then it is half way there. You should also have two corresponding network interfaces that you can see through ‘ifconfig’ ol older versions of Linux this would have been eth1 and eth2 with eth0 being the wired Ethernet.

After this as the guide say its a question of running the Connection_manager sample as per the attached. In the attached there are two text files one showing the running of the connection_manager and the second a terminal showing the network interfaces, them coming up and he use of the dhclient command if you do not have network manager running on your system (which will do this automatically if it is).


MC73 QMI IP connection_manager terminals - (3.14 KB)

Thank you for the answer, though the problem turned out to be in our configuration. We found out that the interface actually showed up, but there was a collision in name with another existing interface.