Service provider identification

I am using Q24+ wireless module for communication through GPRS. Since the APN s for different service providers are different every time the application is written I have to add the corresponding APN or have to change it thru SMS or data call. Is there any at command or any unsocicited responses using which i can get the service provider identity and change the APN.

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If you are REALLY lucky, the service provider can be obtained from the NITZ information. Check out the +WIND: 15 unsolicited message.

However, not all providers output their ID’s in this message.

There is an AT command that I can’t think of at the moment that lists the providers that the modem can see - but not which one you are attached to.

Also, have a look at the commands that deal with retrieving information about the PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network) that the modem is connected to.

Please let us all know how you get on.

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AT+COPS will tell you which network you are connected to.

But the same network may have different APNs etc for different tariffs - it is certainly not uncommon for pre-pay to use a different APN from contract…

And what if you’re using a “virtual” network…

All in all, I think sending the settings via SMS is probably the safest option…

True. We use fixed APN for mobile devices and autodetect for stationary devices.

u r correct awneil wen it comes to “virtual network” its much better to configure the modem’s APN throgh SMS. and also my modem in field will be fixed in one position for years without removal, but it may use any SIM cards(any service providers) and it can be in any state of the country. I think I should go for SMS only.

If anybody has different idea pls guide me.

A Data Call (CSD) might be a possibility - depending on your requirements and available network/service options…

U mean through data call i ve to send the APN?.
even i ve implemented dat too… but i thot SMS would be cost effective than call as the data size is very less.

You asked for other suggestions - I just said it might be a possibility

That, of course, depends on the deal you get with your provider…

s thats true :wink: