Retreive APN from SIM


I’d like to read the internet connection settings from the SIM card like suggested here: … ad_uid=810

I’m assuming I will have to use AT+CSIM or AT+CRSM but I have no idea what command / fileid I should use. The link mentioned on the thread above ( … gives me nothing. Any thoughts?

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You are assuming that the details are on the SIM - I don’t think that is necessarily the case… :question:

If you Service Provider is putting the provisioning information on the SIM, then they should be able to give you the details…

Yes, that’s an assumption I’ve done. For now, that assumption is good enough. If the details aren’t there, I will have to deal with it then.

I wish to retreieve this information in code so I can connect my device without preconfiguring it. We have a lot of devices so doing this automatic retreieval would save us a lot of time. The devices doesn’t necessarily have SIM cards from the same provider. The OMA document I linked above suggests this information COULD be available on the SIM cards. I wish to try on a few of the SIM cards to then make an automated process (if I find that the information is actually there).

TS 51.011 is “Specification of the Subscriber Identity Module - Mobile Equipment (SIM-ME) interface”

Looks like you’re going to have to get quite heavily into the specs…

I was afraid of that :slight_smile:
Was hoping somebody had already done the same thing and could give me some pointers.

Any other provider independent way that I can receive APN settings automatically is also of interest if anyone has any pointers.
Even a way that works for most or just many operators would be cool!