Sensor Location Archived Logs


do you guys happen to know why there are log files like

Sensor_Location-SWLOCRM 2020-09-03_11.34.37.Part857.text

constantly being written to the following path

C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\Sierra Wireless\Logs\Sensor_Location Archived Logs` 

Those files keep adding up until my hard drive is completely full.

I’m using the mangOH Green as well as the Sierra Wireless WP76 module.


They are even generated after I disconnect the mangOH Green.

Hi Thomas,

  1. Log files are capped at a certain size (50Mb - controlled by registry keys, you can set the Maxfilesize of SensorLocation in registry). Logs are useful when troubleshooting location sensor issues.
  2. Location Sensor Driver is part of the INF Driver Package that is typically posted on Windows Update
    After you restart Windows, the new file will be generated or when it reaches the maxfilesize.
    This log file is generated due to Driver package, so even you disconnect the device, the log file is still there.
    Sierra is aware of this issue. You should delete the old files manually.


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Hi jerdung,

Thank you for your quick response to my issue.
All of the log files have exactly the same size (4.8 MB) which I haven’t set.

Good thing Sierra knows about it though.