Sending values between two FX30s via Modbus

Hello all,

I’m trying to send values from one FX30 to another FX30. I’m looking at the documentation and saw that the FX30 IP address is typically I think one IP address would need to be changed, so does anyone know how to do this? Also does anyone know how to assign a virtual resource to a modbus register (like the Holding Registers shown below) so it can be read by another FX30?

Wilson Teachey

Hello, are your FX30s colocated on the same physical site ?
You cannot use Modbus to communicate as both FX30s would be Modbus clients.

Ways to communicate between two FX30 can be:

  • on a local site, without going through the cellular network, you can use the Serial interface and the USP service to build a custom exchange protocol
  • over the cellular communication, you could have and FX30 report Events and use a CLoud action to route the data back to the other FX30.

What is your specific use case ?

Hello amons,

Yes in this case the two FX30s were at the same site. So for a physical connection use a custom exchange protocol and for remote sites use cloud actions. Thanks!