Send SMS from Commandline

I have a dell Notebook with DW5811e Modem and Sierra Skylight up and running.
I can send & receive SMS from Sierra SMS-Center.

How can I send SMS from commandline or script (Windows 10)

PS: I’m not sure how Skylight connects to the internal modem, I was not able to connect to the modem with AT-Command-Tester

You can try with tera term.
Btw, do you see modem port in device manager?

HI, I can see Com1 and Com3, but none of them should refer to the EM7455B Modem :roll_eyes:
Should ther be an additional COM-port?

Can you capture the device manager screen

I can see network-adapter but no related COM-Interface.
I’ve installed latest “GenericDriverSetup_4836” from Sierra Airprime homepage.

How can I connect to the modem?

Seems it is in mbim only mode…

See if this help: