Scheduled WiFi with always on LAN

I’ve been digging a bit and if I found an answer I’m too obtuse to process it.

I have an application where I need LAN access 100% of up time but WiFi to only be active at certain times. Ideally WiFi could be turned on/off using an external trigger or relay but a firmware based schedule could work as well.

I would generally prefer not to use WiFi as a comm option but ancillary equipment requirements force it. In order to conserve power on solar installations I really need to the ability to only activate WiFi when required.

Has anyone had to deal with a similar? Any advice for me?

Well I pulled out the only WiFi enabled modem I have on a shelf (different manufacturer) and found the setup to incredibly easy through firmware. I would expect that Sierra has the same functionality in one of their units and I’m just missing the how to in manuals.

If someone has any suggestions/inputs, thank you! If not I think I may be answering my own question. Always happens once I post something…

Hi Jrfount,
May I ask which product you are using?

I have used rv50s in the past but they don’t support my WiFi need so product recommendations are more than welcome here.

Thank you.