rv50x Month to Date Usage

AirVantage is not aggregating month to date data usage for rv50x devices when usage monitoring is enabled (device) and communication status reporting is enabled (AirVantage). Periodic status updates are sending 61 data points from rv50x devices while my other devices s/a the es450 are sending 66 data points w/ the same configuration. The missing data points relate to bytes sent/received, persistent bytes sent/received, and bytes total delta. According to this reference they should be included in w/ the default status report. source.sierrawireless.com/airva … tusreport/

Is this a known issue w/ the rv50x?



You may configure alerts and reports in ALMS to monitor the ACEmanager: Applications > Data Usage > “Current Daily Usage (MB)” & “Current Monthly Usage (MB)” data values that are reported by the systems to ALMS.

Be alerted if a data value “changes”:

source.sierrawireless.com/airvan … new/16-08/

A report will need to be created in ALMS for the systems to send the desired data value upon connection with ALMS:

source.sierrawireless.com/airvan … unication/

Note: The following “bytes sent/received, persistent bytes sent/received” are not related to the ACEmanager: Applications > Data Usage > Usage Monitoring feature. They are reported in the status report of the RV50X.

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Thanks for replying.

I am aware I can manually configure reporting for these data points. But from my testing it appears the bytes sent/received, persistent bytes sent/received, and bytes total delta data points are not even being reported as part of the default status report. As stated, one system (es450) works as expected and shows month to date data usage w/in AirVantage w/out any manual report/alert configuration but the rv50x does not. Again, I have not configured any alerting/reporting on the es450 wrt monthly data usage.

I assumed the feature would function regardless of device as it is a standard feature of AirVantage and thought this might be a bug w/ the rv50x.



I have tested the status report with the RV50X ALEOS 4.8.1. The following data points are being reported to ALMS as part of the status report in LWM2M:

Bytes Total Delta
Bytes Received
Bytes Sent
Persisted Bytes Sent
Persisted Bytes Received

Sierra Wireless

A factory reset fixed the issue w/ those data points not being reported.

Will see if data usage starts aggregating.

Thanks much!

Factory reset fixed the issue temporarily but its happening again.

The device in questions uses a considerable amount of data, over 32gb/month and data usage stopped aggregating w/in AirVantage after ~4gb. Is there a possibility that the data type used to define the bytes sent/received, persistent bytes sent/received, and bytes total delta data points on the AirVantage platform are not large enough to accommodate large values? They aggregate correctly on the device. Could you ask the developers to look into a typing/type width issue?