Running Internal AT Commands

I am starting to develop programs within the Open AT framework. I need to delete all the SMS messages that may be stored on the device once a day. I have created a loop that will subscribe to the timer and run a function every 24 hours. What code do I require to run the

AT+CMGD=1,4 (delete all messages)

Command? I have read about the adl_atCmdCreate function but what port do I run it on so that it acts on the device running the software?

This task is probably really simple but I am having trouble getting my head around the inner workings of this process.

Thank you for any help


You don’t run it on a port - you just make the API call, and the Wavecom core executes the command.

The stuff about ports if for the case where you want responses from the command forwarded to a port; if you don’t want responses forwarded to a port (ie, your application “consumes” them), just set the Rspflag parameter to FALSE; EG,

// Delete all Text Messages
    "AT+CMGD=1,4",              // Delete ALL messages
    FALSE,                      // Do not forward responses to the external app
    my_sms_response_handler,    // Response Handler
    "*",                        // Subscribe to all responses
    NULL                        // Marks the end of the subscribed response list

Note that the v3.03 ADL User Guide, Rev 001, Dec 05, incorrectly states that Rspflag is a bool - but this is clearly not the case!

The prototype in adl_CmdStackHandler.h declares it as a u16

Previously noted here: … tcmdcreate


Thank you for your reply, it was very helpful