Roming enabled or not?

Is there a way to see if roaming is enabled or not on my WP7702 module?

From what I can tell there is no simple command that sets roaming enabled or disabled and the module will have roaming available unless you actively restrict it from connecting to non home networks. Is this correct?

Basically, if my sim provider has the ability to roam it will without intervention?

Probably you need to check with network operator.
Of course if your SIM card can do roaming, it will automatically register to network.

Thanks @jyijyi.

The sim card i am using is from an international vendor and roaming is a requirement for the SIM to work. I just wanted to make sure that roaming was default behavior and that I did not need configure the module to allow so.

If you are using the correct APN given by the operator, it should be able to do roaming

How to restrict roaming in Sierra module?

you can check whether +CGREG is returning roaming status and decide whether establish data connection.