AT Commands for Roaming - 7455

Is there an AT command that can be used to disable roaming on the MC7455?

I do not see anything in the AT Guide, but there are commands that are not in that document so hoping maybe someone here knows.



You cannot generically disable roaming, the only way to stop it is to manually select your home network, that way it will only attach to this one which in effect stops it roaming. The only issue is if you have say a couple of networks you might want it to work with, then there is no workaround.



Found reference to ^SYSCONFIG which appears to have the ability to turn roaming off.

Found it from another SW card, but MC7455 seems to at least allow me to set the parameter on/off, but have not tested actual function yet to see if it in fact disables roaming:


So, perhaps there is a way to disable roaming.

Another command, ^SYSINFO will report on roaming status, as in, if you are currently roaming or not.

My only concern is these are pulled from a 2G/3G card manual, so not sure they are still valid, but hopefully.

If it isn’t in the current manual then it is part of legacy code and may or may not work so is not officially supported plus may stop working on any subsequent upgrade.