Roaming behavior


I have a question regarding roaming. What happens if a device having a SIM card with roaming not enabled, leaves the country? I will no longer be registered in the network and creg will return 0,2 or 0,3? Is there a possibility to subscribe to this? What would be the difference between the fact that the SIM tries to enter roaming but is not enabled for it and the fact that there is no signal in its area and that is what causes the registration to fail?

Basically i want to be able to know when i am in roaming and when not.


The response to AT+CREG? tells you that.

You can also enable +CREG: unsolicited responses…

Probably a bit late in the day but you can also use the AT+CIND? command and check the second to last value, if its 0 your on a home network if its 1 its roaming



+CIND: 4,3,1,0,0,1,0 <— the second to last digit is roaming or not, this one IS roaming hence 1.