With the Q24Pl and V657d, my embedded GPRS aplication works fine but when I try to use it in a diferent country I receive the +CREG:5 message but I
never receive +CGREG:5 and the GPRS is not working.

I tested the SIM card in my telephone and it works fine in voice and gprs data mode.

is there something that I should do on the module in order to activate or to force the registration for the roaming ???

Thank you,

So +CGREG result do you receive?

Or what reply do you get to AT+CGREG? :question:

I do not know what my application receives because I am not in that new country but I am trying to use Windows RAS without my embedded application in order
to connect to internet for test and it does not work.

On AT+CREG? I get +CREG:2,5
but on AT+CGREG? I get +CGREG:2,0 and not :2,5 ???


Hello sladjan,

First of all you should check your operator’s GPRS roaming partners. ( the voice roaming does not always mean GPRS roaming )
After that you should select the specific operator manually. (AT+COPS)