Retrieving the ERB I´m connected.... how?


I was wondering if there is any command where I can Retrieve the Identification of the ERB I´m connected to. Is there any? AT ou ADL command?

Thanks a lot!



What’s an ERB?


Of course! ERB is in portuguese!

The term I would have to use is: MS or Mobile Station.

Is there anyway to get the MS identification?




Hi Henrique,
I assume that by MS identification here, you means the IMEI number (which uniquely identifies an MS). To get that you can issue AT+CIMI command. This command can also be issued using adl_atCmdCreate () API.

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Hi OpenAt! How are you?

I finally found out what I was looking for!
The command is CCED. I was needing the CELL Ids and their Signal Levels. They´ll be used to triangle tracking.