Reseting Fastrack supreme

After downloading an application to my fastrack supreme, the cpu seems to have gone into an neverending loop:
+wind: 12,0
over and over…
Not responding to any AT commands or beeing able to download new application.
I’ve tried the external pin reset, without sucess.

Thanks for any help!

Your application is crashing as soon as it starts!

Try to send AT+WOPEN=0 to it to stop the application - you’ll probably need to use the “paste to host” (or whatever) facility on your terminal to get it in quickly enough.

If you can’t do that, you’ll need to use DWLWin to delete your application and/or reload the firmware - or ask your Distributor nicely to do it for you.

Next time, ensure that your application has a startup delay that will guarantee that you have long enough to send AT+WOPEN=0 to it in the event of a similar problem…

See: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=1907&p=7061&hilit=startup+delay#p7061