Reset image for FX30 Cat-M to clean overlay

We are updating our current firmware for FX30 Cat-M from the SWI FW 9.1 to 14. Our FW .cwe is built with the full FW from the Yocto chain and the reset.cwe (copied from the IDE source).
The reset.cwe is used to reset the overlay and ensure that user’s data are the proper ones.
Unfortunately, it seem that the reset.cwe doesn’t work anymore:

root@fx30:~# fwupdate checkStatus
Connecting to service ...
Bad status (Bootloader failed), install not possible.

Are there any way to get or build that image so we can clean our system after a fwupdate?

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Since FW R12 , it is not allowed to run the reset.cwe:

Thanks for your really fast answer!
Since we can’t use that cwe, what is the new official way to clean the overlay?

As said before, erasing user partition is not allowed now.
You need to downgrade to R11 of WP77 FW or before to perform this operation.

Downgrading from R14 to R9.1 is possible? I thought that since partition’s size changed in the R14 no downgrade to 9.1 can be done.
Ok, so we will create some custom startup scripts to remove elements from the overlay.