Regarding Zigbee

Hi all
Is wavecom is going to support Zigbee protocol for PAN like it supports Bluetooth protocol so it will be more easy to home/Industrial applications. Or is there any way by which we can use OpenAT with Zigbee

Perhpas you’d be better putting that in the Suggestion Corner: … ex.php?c=3

That, of course, presupposes that you have Zigbee for the rest of your “home/Industrial” stuf… :wink:

As far as the the current products, I think you would have to implement your Zigbee node separately, and have it communicate with a GSM/GPRS modem for the long-distance comms.
In that case, you probably don’t need Open-AT - your Zigbee node would probably have enough “intelligence” to control a dumb GSM/GPRS modem…?

Thanks for your suggestion
But I want to connect my open AT device with all other devices who uses different protocols and send data to a remote station via GPRS
plz guide me

Thanks in advance

What “open AT device” are you using?

“open AT devices” could have 1 or 2 UARTs, I2C/SPI/Parallel busses, some general-purpose IO (GPIO), etc, etc - see the appropriate product documentation for your particular “open AT device”.

It’s up to you to come up with a suitable scheme to use any or all of these interfaces to achieve your requirements!

You might also take a look at the ADL User Guide for Open AT to see the API (software) facilities available for accessing these features…

Your information is far too vague to give any specific recommendations!

The problem is…

The Open AT device means the device to which i am going to control from a remote station using OPEN AT OS/Chip
And there are different devices with different protocols like bluetootth ,wireless LAN ,IRDA,Zigbee. Is it possible to devices having different protocols like these pass data / commumnicate between them using OPEN AT wireless CPU.

You haven’t added any useful information

Open-AT is a Wavecom software offering available on Wavecom products.
You can see the available Wavecom products on the ‘Products’ page of the Wavecom site.


See my previous reply.
The Wavecom products make various interfaces available (UARTs, I2C, SPI, etc) - you need to determine how to use these to interface between your chosen Wavecom product and your other devices

For example:

GSM \|/     +----------+        +--------+     \|/ Zigbee
       |      |          |        | Zigbee |      |
       +------+ Wavecom  +--------+ Device +------+
              | Device   |        |        |
              |          |        +--------+
              |          |
              |          |        +--------+     \|/  W-LAN
              |          |        | W-LAN  |      |
              |          +--------+ Device +------+
              |          |        |        |
              +----------+        +--------+

You Need to determine which interfaces are appropriate between the “gateway” devices and the wavecom, and then use Open-AT to implement the necessary software control

Thats good info for my project
Thanks again