Record Calls using Fast Track Supreme 10


Can some one tell me how to record a call (on to my computer) coming to my GSM modem. Basically i want to write an application which runs on my computer and when a call comes to my GSM modem, the application will answer it (ATA) and then record the call as a wav file on the computer.
One way to do that is to use the RJ11 cable comes with the serial cable and convert that in to a speaker output and plug it on to the computer via it’s mike input and record the call after answering the phone.
But is there a better way to do it internally via USW connection rather than via sound card?

I use IO+USB interface to connect the modem to the Computer.

Thanks In Advance.


Hi bimalfernando,
I think you should use ADL Audio Service for your appl. You can get more information and example in the ADL-User-Guide of OS version 4.21.