Record and Play Sample Application not Working


I have a fastrack supreme 20 wavecom. I am trying to create a program that would record any calls made from the wavecom to my host program in the host PC. I am having difficulties programming this. I tried the Record and Play sample application that came with SDK. I ran in using the ECLIPSE program in Debug and it came up with the following errors;

PCM_RecordAndPlay: Test Application
462.051 Trace ADL 1 Nov 20 2008
462.053 Trace ADL 1 23:30:09
462.415 Trace ADL 1 Listen Low IRQ handler subscription FAILED: -8
462.417 Trace ADL 1 Listen High IRQ handler subscription FAILED: -8
462.418 Trace ADL 1 Play Low IRQ handler subscription FAILED: -8
462.420 Trace ADL 1 Play High IRQ handler subscription FAILED: -8

I am not sure why it is failing to subsribe this low level IRQ handle. Checking the error at the back of the ADL user guide gave me a ADL_RET_ERR_BAD_STATE value.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

Any help in recording voice calls on wavecom will also be appreciated.



It looks like the application doesn’t work in Debug mode. When i downloaded the application using the Xmodem protocol to the wavecom, it worked fine.

Do anyone have any idea on how to stream the recording through the serial port in order to be saved as a wave file on a host PC?