Real problem with GPIO. Output level don't change... why?

Hi, everybody!

I am a newbie in wavecom programming, and i need your help, please.

In my test lab, a have a q2686H module with OPEN AT v.4.20, Hardware v.4.03 and Software Release 6.63.

I try to change an output level of GPIO1 from low to high. My algorithm is:

  1. Initially GPIO1 acts as input.

  2. Configure this pin to be an output: AT+WIOM=1,1,0. After this action pin acts as output with a low level (0) - everything goes right.

  3. Put GPIO1 (which is output already) in high level. AND THAT’S IT! After this action level have never changed. To get high level at GPIO1 i have to RESET a module.

Question is: how can i change the output level (low or high) at GPIO1 WITHOUT restarting a module?
Changing from INPUT to OUTPUT works fine, BUT changing output level from LOW to HIGH don’t work if no RESET have been made.

P.S. There is no feature, attached to this GPIO and no program, written in C language.


It’s ok now.
Software version was 6.63. I have upgraded it with the last version (7.4).
And everything works fine now.