Q2406B and GPIO_0/ GPO_0


I have been polling the GPIO s all of which I have configured as inputs in Q2406B by subscribing a callback function using adl_ioSubscribe. Somehow, GPIO_0 's value alternates between 0 and 1 during each call to the callback function by Wavecom software. (The callback function is passed 32 then 0 then 32 then 0 so on… ). This also happens when I poll the inputs using adlRead by a timer function. Each read alternates GPIO_0.

UART2 is disabled and I wonder what can be the problem. I also subscribe and try to use GPO_0, I get an ADL_ERROR_PARAM. I am currently working using the Wismo development board. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Yigit Erdal Bora

if you do not show the code of this part is imposible to know if you are doing in a rigth way.