Read location from GPS

How to start GPS on EM7565 - i need to get position/location from GPS module, but I don’t known how

have you tried that AT!GPSFIX command?

Don’t work

From time to time the response is “No carrier” or “no TTFF available”

I’m novice and I don’t know which GPS commands are required and about their order

I have a log for WP76 module to use AT!GPSTRACK command, I guess you can treat it as reference.

teraterm_gps.txt (19.5 KB)

​If you can, tell me what is absolutly needed to start GPS on EM7565 ?

Antenna for GPS, reference signal ? Maybe nothing …

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antenna and satellite signal, otherwise, you cannot get gps fix.

Do you know how to receive invoice for AT command tester programme ?

no, i don’t know.
You can contact distributor.

What really means the message “No TTFF available” ?

FAILCODE 12 means time out for GPS search

My request/response:


Current time: 2020 10 16 4 09:20**:51**

2020 10 16 4 09:19:49 Last Fix Status = FAIL, FAILCODE = 12
2020 10 16 4 09:19:49 Fix Session Status = ACTIVE

No TTFF available


Maybe signal is not ok, satellite in view is not enough

thank you very much

step by step I slowly move forward​

Do You know server names of mobile network operators to shorten the time needed to first find the GPS position​ ?

Do you mean agps?
I think you can see the product technical specification which says we can use SUPL or XTRA agps