RC7611-1 rebooting during LTE TX test

Looping 12.5 LTE RF Transmission Path Test from Sierra Wireless RC76xx Product Technical Specification

Observe on random loops see the COM port close and see reset counter increment to 2 after re-connecting after shutting off TX.

Model RC7611-1

Fimware: SWI9X07H_00.03.03.00 2bb7a4 jenkins 2020/04/15 07:57:

Have adequate current draw and also see using 0 dBm instead of procedure’s 10 dBm power.

Hi @wallaceb
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Could you please share with me some information as below:

  1. Please upgrade to the latest firmware for your RC7611-1 by following the link below and then recheck whether the issue is resolved?

  2. Has this issue happened before? Or is this the first time?

  3. How many RC7611-1 module do you have? Can you try on another RC7611-1 module to see if get the same issue?

  4. Please share with me the AT command log and specific step by step you tested on your RC7611-1 module



I debugged more by adding additional delay, after boot (enumeration) and FTM mode and also initialized the RST pin state on test system (was un-initialized). I am now unable to reproduce and appears more stable. I’m going to close topic for now.