MC7710, power cycle vs soft reboot on LINUX

I am testing MC7710 with qmi-driver (qmicli) in GSM, UMTS and HSDPA modes in an embedded LINUX . Works fine actually; the only serious problem is, that usage of the qmi-software is NOT possible after a soft reboot of the LINUX system. Always some error shows up. So I have to do a “shutdown now -h” and power cycle my embedded LINUX system. This is unacceptable for remote usage.
No idea, whether this might be a FW-problem (still have 3.5.19), a SW-problem of the QMI-driver or a “Feature”.
Did anybody here have a similar experience ?


The libqmi is not maintained by SierraWireless, instead SierraWireless release dedicated Linux QMI tool to supports MC7710.

For the scenario described, may I ask below?
Does power reset MC7710 at the same time you reboot the host help?
Does USB enumeration looks normal?
Does AT port works when the issue happens?


BTW, a try for latest FW may help to make sure.,-d-,5,-d-,24,-d-,0%20QMI.aspx

Thanx for quick and very qualified response from Germany :slight_smile:
1)Does Sierra provide a QMI-driver for MC7710/LINUX ? Or a DIP-driver, although according to some Sierra docs, MC7710 should be used in QMI only.
2)YES ! A power cycle during LINUX-startup after soft boot avoids the problem.
3) Having the problem,
root@tobi:~# lsusb
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 1199:68a2 Sierra Wireless, Inc.
4) Having the problem,
ls/dev (also) shows

All looks normal so far.

I have seen the newer version of the FW, put an mPCIe-USB adapter on order, to flash the newest FW under windows.
In the change logs for FW …20 there is an issue regarding AT-port locked up. Might hit me, too.
So I will have to wait and see. Will be back after trying latest FW.

Hi babajaga,

Glad to see the issue improved.

And yes, that’s the reason I suggest to try using newer FW.

To answer your question, yes, Sierra has both QMI and DIP driver for use with Linux.
But if you have plan to switch to Sierra’s driver, you better consider also the QMI SDK from Sierra too.

As Sierra validate the driver and SDK on MC7100 together, and I believe that’s the best way to use.


OK, problem solved. It was my fault, not using the qmgcli-options correctly.

However, I would like to compare the Sierra driver. Where to find latest version for Linux ?
I have bought the MC7710 from a simple ebay shop here in Germany, so it was not included into any other HW.