RC7611-1 access to QXDM logs

We are working with our network provider to debug many PDP context drops and network issues we are having with the RC7611-1, firmware revision 10, and they have requested we gather QXDM logs as they have no visibility into the radio access network interface.

From the AT Command Reference Guide, there is the QXDMLOGENABLE option to enable logging, but how is the log retrieved? Is there an application note describing how we can get this log for analysis?

Are you using MBPL in linux?
If yes, there is tool to do log capturing


No we are interfacing with the RC7611-1 through a serial interface from a microcontroller.

then can you route out the USB pin to connect to a PC?

No our CF3 socket does not have that pin routed unfortunately.

then you might need to use a linux PC to simulate the issue and capture the log