Raven XE V2221E

I am in the process of trying to update a Raven XE V2221E from AELOS to I have downloaded the file: RvnXE_25_V2221E_4.0.11.003.exe. When it attempts the updated, I get the message “This updater is for a different product than that currently attempting to update”. Do I have the correct file?

Thank you,

That is the correct file, are you doing the firmware update Over the Air or locally connected?

I am getting the exact same error when attempting to upgrade a Verizon Raven XE V2221E from 4.10.001 to 4.11.003. I have tried the following:

  • Rebooting the Raven
  • Rebooting the computer
  • Resetting the Raven to factory defaults

I am attempting the upgrade using the IP interface, and am connecting to using the default username/password of “user” and “12345”. The upgrade filename is “RvnXE_25_V2221E_4.0.11.003.exe”.

The Sierra Wireless support page for this gateway seems to be silent on the issue.

Any ideas?