Radio Module Identifier GX450

AT&T GX450 -
Is the attached Radio Module Identifier, and the Radio Firmware Version Correct?
According to Sierra Wireless Site, it should be MC7354_ATT_55580.iso
However when i go to update it it, I get a warning message that says:
Carrier ID doesn’t match GENNA-UMTS. You are about to perform a carrier switching. Install anyway?”

ALEOS Software is up to date …

Can anyone help / explain what is happening here?

Thanks -

Hi @rsovero,

Please unplug your gatway’s power cable and wait about 30 seconds then plug it again. After gateway power up, please check radio firmware version again.

In case your gateway does not automatically select ATT radio firmware, please follow the document below for manually selecting the radio module firmware on page 354.


Thank you for the response…
When I get to that screen I see this…(attached)
There are no options for firmware, and "network Operator Switching is greyed out and can’t be changed to “disable”.
Is it ok to just attempt to upgrade the radio firmware MC7354_ATT_55580.iso ?

HI rsovero,

Please go ahead, your radio FW package is correct.