question about !pctemp

want to know
if I use this command
and this is what I get:

I understand that this in F right?
and if I change it to C I get

now my question is -
what does critical mean? when he get to this temp does he shut down? do reset?
what does warning mean ? when he get to this temp does he shut down? do reset?

if someone know I would like to learn

Thanks ,

Hi David,

Different product may have it’s own operational temperature class.
Please refer to PTS (table 7-1) for the product you concerned.

For example, 4114634 MC7304 PTS, section “Power state transitions” mentioned the trigger level (Table 5-5) and voltage/temperature monitoring state machines (Fig 5-1).

By default, it will enters low power mode with over HI CRIT (or lower LO-CRIT) temperature.

Hope it helps.

sorry - I didn’t say what I’m using

and I don’t find any data sheet of it - maybe you can help me with this?
so I will know what every trigger level mean

Thanks ,

Hi David,

Here’s the link to PTS for MC8790V:

But that PTS does not cover the power state transitions mentioned, could you please refer to new products’ PTS as reference?
For example:
I think the idea is just the same.

Hope it helps.

Thanks ,