Q26Extreme Serial line response problem


Hy all

 I look an another problem on Q26EX . Some times the (exaple) "adl_atSendResponse ( ADL_AT_UNS, local_buffer );" output
 is losen or partial , some times not . Look like "some times not enoguht cpu resource for the out put" . Or i dont know .


First of all, you need to determine where the data is getting “lost” - is it the Q26 that is not sending it, or is it the receiving device that is missing it :question:



Are you using hardware flow control and a 4 (or 9) wire connection between the Q26Ex and your serial terminal program?

Try using Realterm to monitor exactly what is coming down the line as raw bytes - don’t rely on hyperterm to get things right!

ciao, Dave



I use M2M embeded termial . I dont use flow controll . But on the 2687h never get these effect . 
The problem is random , not come in an exact section the program . I checkd width TDS scope 
the lost character is not trasnmitted or partially .



Is it possible to work with only 2 wire serial interface with the Extrem baud 115.2kbps?