[Q2698/Fw752] adl_rtcTime_t.SecondFracPart not set

How can I get a time accurate up to the millisecond on Q2698/Fw7.52 ?

I’m used with adl_rtcTime_t and adl_rtcGetTime, but with this firmware the “SecondFracPart” is not set (In fact, it seems to be set to the constant value 270195848).

Is there a new undocumented trick relate to this parameter ?

#include "adl_rtc.h"

// Get Time
adl_rtcTime_t currentTime;
adl_rtcGetTime((adl_rtcTime_t *) &currentTime);

u32 check = currentTime.SecondFracPart;
// check == 270195848


Did you try with the other FW… is it working fine?

We noticed the same thing and reported it to our distributor about a month ago. It doesn’t happen with other versions, seems to be new with 7.52. Since Sierra wasn’t aware of it perhaps the report never got forwarded by our distributor (or there aren’t sufficient resources at Sierra dedicated to the Q2698 to look into it - which given the pace of development with the Q2698/SL808x, still not commercially released at least a year and a half behind schedule and as far as I know still with no release date set - may be the case).


I also observed the issue with FW 7.52.

Will discuss it with R&D guys and possibly create a tracker to resolve it. Will keep you updated.



One year later, with FX100 and firmware 7.53 WP18, always the same issue, adl_rtcTime_t.SecondFracPart is not set, the value is always 0…