weekday explanation of adl_rtcTime_t structure is wrong


In ADL User Guide for Open AT® OS 6.32 page 232, documentation says WeekDay field of adl_rtcTime_t structure can get values from 1 to 7. The adl_rtcTime_t Structure
Holds a RTC time:
typedef struct
u32 Pad0 // Not used
u32 Pad1 // Not used
u16 Year; // Year (Four digits)
u8 Month; // Month (1-12)
u8 Day; // Day of the Month (1-31)
u8 WeekDay; // Day of the Week (1-7)
u8 Hour; // Hour (0-23)
u8 Minute; // Minute (0-59)
u8 Second; // Second (0-59)
u32 SecondFracPart; // Second fractional part
u32 Pad2; // Not used
} adl_rtcTime_t;

But in my open AT application, this field gets from range 0-6. So i think the documantation tells a lie.
I am using Open AT 6.32, FW: R743, Airprime Q2687RD.



Have you tried testing the same thing with the latest firmware version ??


i havent. I currently use R7.43 FW version and i havent updated my firmware. Should i update my FW or when i update the FW will i have a problem ?


Yes, you can update to the latest firmware. In the latest firmware the documentation and the value
received in the OpenAT application are the same.


So that means when i have the latest firmware i will have to update my code. And if i have two modems with both firmwares ,old and latest, then i will have to prepare two seperate code for each!
How could i solve the issue


why do want to use two different modems with two different firmwares ??


I want to use a fixed FW version on my modems. But when we order new modems, it may come with a new firmware version other than we have already developed on. For example we have already developed our Open AT application on R7.43. When we order new modems next month, they will probably come with new firmware version like R7.45. So i might have to downgrade firmware version or have to update my Open AT application according to the updates on new firmware.


You should be able to negotiate with your Distributor to have them supply the modems with the version you require…


Our distributor insists that we should use the lastest firmware(certainly they are right) however it seems that R7.43 and R7.45 are not compatable because of the weekday value change. So that is right we should insist back our distributor that they should supply the modems with firmware we use.
Or we should add some FW version control part on our Open AT application in order to reduce incompatable part.